The following outline details the content covered in Right Track Reading Lessons: A Highly Effective Step-by-Step Direct Systematic Phonics Program 2nd Edition.  

Table of Contents: The table of contents can be previewed at Preview Title Page and Table of Contents.

Introduction/Background & Essential Information: The introduction portion of the book provides the parent or teacher with essential background information to empower them to lead their children or students to reading success. The introduction section includes:

Explanation and Specific Instructions for Right Track Reading Lessons: (pages 23-47) This section explains the overall structure and format of the reading lessons, describes the materials needed, and provides detailed instructions for conducting the specific activities and lessons to build necessary skills. This expanded section includes details for the activities as well as effective techniques to correct common errors and help the child build skills. This expanded section includes photos to illustrate word building with the tiles.  A detailed outline of the lesson content is also included.

Reading Lessons: (page 48-320)  The reading program is arranged into carefully designed lessons structured for individual instruction. The reading lessons are organized into 10 sections starting with foundational skills and then systematically advancing through higher level skills. The lessons use a variety of targeted multisensory activities to directly teach all skills necessary for proficient reading.  See structure and design of Right Track Reading Lessons for additional detail. These well organized and easy to use reading lessons give you the tools to teach your student necessary reading skills and directly help them achieve success.   A brief overview and description of the various sections for the reading lessons include:


Spelling Section- Spelling Lessons: (page 321-338) This portion of the program provides a general overview of spelling and gives tips on how to teach your child to spell. Spelling has been taught throughout the program as ‘word writing’ changing sounds to print. Upon completing the reading lessons portion of the program your child should be a good phonetic speller. This section goes beyond the phonetic understanding of our language to specific spelling information. Helpful spelling guidelines and patterns are listed. These are not ‘rules’ to be memorized but rather guidelines and explanations that make spelling much easier.  The spelling instruction is organized into 31 specific spelling lessons. Preview Right Track Reading Spelling Lessons 1-8.

APPENDICIES: (page 339-359)

Read the Key Features and Benefits of Right Track Reading Lessons to see why this program is so effective in helping your child achieve reading success. Additional information is found on the the Preview Right Track Reading Lessons page.


To learn about the highly effective reading remediation program designed to help older students (3rd grade and up and adults)  who struggle with reading acquire necessary skills, overcome reading difficulty and achieve reading success see Preview Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons    

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