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Right Track Reading LLC is a small home-based business started by Miscese Gagen, a mother and successful reading tutor with a strong passion for teaching children to read proficiently by using effective methods. Right Track Reading LLC strives to empower parents and teachers with information and effective tools so they can help their child or student learn necessary skills and achieve reading success.

Right Track Reading’s mission is to improve reading proficiency rates in this country.  Right Track Reading is working toward this objective from the bottom up, one child at a time.  By directly teaching all necessary skills with effective targeted instruction we can help individual children and students acquire necessary skills and achieve reading success. We CAN improve reading proficiency…one child at a time!

To accomplish the mission of improving reading proficiency, Right Track Reading:

#1 Empowers parents and teachers with free information on the science of learning to read and on effective reading instruction.  The Right Track Reading web site shares free information, activities, resources and articles on reading. The key to improving reading proficiency lies with empowering individual parents and teachers with information and effective resources so they can work with and directly building necessary skills in their individual child or student.    

#2 Provides highly effective, easy-to-use and affordable reading instructional programs that give you the tools to help your child or student achieve reading success.

#3 Offers workshops, presentations and training sessions on teaching children and students to read. These hands-on workshops are designed to empower parents and teachers with specific information and tools to teach their children or students to achieve reading success.

Right Track Reading provides the information and tools so you can help your child or student achieve reading success. Right Track Reading can help you begin your rewarding adventure into the joys of successfully teaching your child or student to read.

Right Track Reading is located in Livingston, Montana.  The books are proudly printed in the United States of America by Morris Publishing in Kearney, Nebraska.

Meet the Author/ Author Background Information:

My name is Miscese Gagen. I am the author of Right Track Reading Lessons and Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons and the owner of Right Track Reading LLC. My primary vocation is mom of three precious children and wife of my wonderful husband. In my spare time, my passion is teaching children to read proficiently and empowering parents and teachers with effective information and reading resources. 

My adventure in teaching children to read and was triggered when my young son asked “Mommy, show me how to read”. To respond to my son’s request, I investigated the scientific research on reading and quickly discovered direct systematic phonics instruction was proven to be the most effective approach to reading instruction. Teaching my son with a simple home program was an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I compared the ease and success of my son learning to read to my many encounters with perfectly bright children who struggled with reading. Through exposure as a volunteer in several different school districts, I began to observe how other approaches to reading instruction inadvertently resulted in children struggling to learn to read. These well intentioned methods did not directly teach all necessary skills and many children failed to develop skills necessary for proficient reading. I continued to study the reading research, learned from teaching my children and began working with and tutoring children who struggled with reading. The mistakes struggling children made and the dramatic improvements in their reading when they were instructed using direct systematic phonics were enlightening. Instructional methods absolutely do matter!  These experiences ignited and fueled my passion for teaching children to read proficiently by using effective instruction.

I am a ‘life-long’ learner, and my son’s request started me on a new and continuing pathway of discovery. My education background was primarily in science. I have a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from the University of Montana. My pre-motherhood work experience was in forest resource management and environmental analysis.  When I began my investigations into reading I applied my general scientific background and experience in systematic analysis procedures.  I spent many late nights reading and investigating the existing research and information on reading. One of my favorite hobbies is reading about reading. To answer the question of how to most effectively teach a child to read, I focused on the validated scientific research, evidence based results, and the fascinating neural research on the process of proficient reading. I then applied a scientific approach, critical thinking and analysis skills to address the question, “What is the most effective way to teach children to read?”

Although I gained extensive knowledge from the science and research, much of my understanding of how children learn to read and how to actually help children acquire necessary skills came directly from my work with children. My ‘best instructors’ for teaching me how children learn to read were my own children and the students I tutored.  Children and students who faced difficulty reading were exceptionally effective instructors. By carefully observing exactly what the child did incorrectly, determining why they made certain errors, evaluating the child for missing skills, and then finding ways to help the child acquire the specific necessary skill, I gained invaluable ‘expertise’ and understanding of how to effectively teach children to read.  I applied my ‘mom’ insight and understanding of how to work with children to develop highly effective techniques to directly develop necessary skills.  

Right Track Reading evolved out of my growing passion for teaching children to read. By the time I was ready to begin teaching my youngest daughter, I understood more about how children best learn to read. Unable to find an affordable reading program that met my exact expectations I started putting my own material together. This instructional material was the first daft of Right Track Reading Lessons.  My newly developed reading program was extremely effective with my youngest daughter and with the struggling children I was asked to tutor. I used, refined, and improved the program and began sharing it with friends searching for a way to teach their children to read. My direct systematic phonics program was highly effective and easy to use.  I realized I needed to share this program with more than a few friends and the small number of children I could personally tutor. Therefore, I published Right Track Reading Lessons.  Subsequently, as I worked with older students, I adapted instructional material to meet their unique needs creating Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons.

My strong personal beliefs influencing the Right Track Reading programs include:

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