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Section III:  Other Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I contact you? Where can I find your contact information?

A: The contact information is located on the contact us page.

Q: I sent a question to your e-mail and have not received a response?

A: I individually reply to all e-mails. In most cases I respond within 1 or 2 working days. If you sent an e-mail and have not received a response, please check your spam filter. Some filters block e-mail addresses with the .com commercial addresses. You may need to add the mail@righttrackreading.com address to your ‘allowed’ list. If this doesn’t work, please let me know and I’ll re-send the reply or try another avenue.  

Q: Where is Right Track Reading located? Where are your books printed?

A: Right Track Reading is a home based business located in beautiful Livingston, Montana. Livingston is located approximately 1 hour north of Yellowstone National Park.

Both Right Track Reading Lessons and Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons are published by Right Track Reading LLC and proudly printed in the USA by Morris Publishing in Kearney, Nebraska.

For additional information about Right Track Reading, see the About Us web site page.

Q: Are you available for tutoring individual students?

A: Yes, I do tutor individual students in the local area. My services range from evaluating students and providing parent training to providing a complete individual tutoring program. All individual tutoring is guaranteed effective.

Additional information on Right Track Reading tutoring services is located on the tutoring page.    

Tutoring openings are limited. Please contact Miscese Gagen directly if you are interested in meeting to discuss your specific tutoring needs.

Q: Do you offer any workshops or other training opportunities?

A. Yes, Right Track Reading offers a variety of workshops, presentations and training to empower parents and teachers with valuable information and effective resources to get their children or students on track to proficient reading. These hands-on, action-oriented workshops provide participants with specific information, direct activities, and effective resources so they are empowered to help their child or student aquire skills to become a proficient reader. For additional information, see the Workshops/Training page of the Right Track Reading website.

Q: Questions or comments on web site issues: Where do I report broken links or other web site problems?

A: The Right Track Reading web site is a work in progress. Articles, information and resources have been continuously added since the web site first published in 2005.   What started out as a simple web site with less than a dozen pages has expanded to a complex site with hundreds pages and many individual articles and useful resources. Major expansions were conducted in 2007, 2008, 2010 and again in 2013. Hopefully, the latest overhaul in 2013 has resolved many of the web site technical issues as well as improved site navigation and access. Web design and computer technology is not Miscese’s specialty. Please inform her of any broken links or access problems. Please e-mail Miscese Gagen if you have any web site related questions.

Right Track Reading will continue to add informative articles and useful resources to the web site. This information is provided to empower parents and teachers with information and resources to help their children and students learn to read. Miscese welcomes any suggestions or feedback.

Q: Questions on use of Right Track Reading articles and information: Can I share your articles with others? Can I print off and share the informational articles?  Can I link to the Right Track Reading web articles or information? What are the terms of use?

A: All of the articles and information on the free reading information page are intentionally written to empower parents and teachers with information and resources to help children learn to read.

The articles and information are all copyrighted by Miscese R. Gagen. All rights are reserved.

Terms of Use: The articles and information are all copyrighted by Miscese R. Gagen. All rights are reserved. Educational, informational, and non-commercial use is permitted. For example, any parent, family, homeschool organization, parent group, library, school, or  teacher  may use, print and share the articles for informational and educational purposes.  Commercial use is not permitted. Articles may be copied and shared for educational purposes.  When reproducing these articles, please be sure and include the complete credit and copyright information listed at the end of all articles.  This credit and copyright information typically appears as:

This information was written by Miscese Gagen a mother with a passion for teaching children to read proficiently by using effective methods. She is also a successful reading tutor and author of the reading instructional programs Right Track Reading Lessons and Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons. The purpose of this information is to empower parents and teachers with information on teaching children how to read. We CAN improve reading proficiency, one student at a time!  Additional information is located at www.righttrackreading.com ~ Copyright 2004-2010 Miscese R. Gagen

Web site links to any of the Right Track Reading articles or material are permitted for educational or informational use.  Click to see examples of appropriate links. Please check if you have questions about linking to Right Track Reading articles or other web pages.  

Please contact Miscese Gagen if you have any questions about terms of use.

Q: Where can I find answers to questions not answered on this page?

A:  You may e-mail Miscese Gagen with your questions.

Q: Where can I find free resources on teaching children & students to read? Where can I go to learn about how children learn to read & how to effectively teach children & students to read?

A: Free information and resources on teaching children and students to read can be found at the Reading Information  page and on the Teaching Reading Skills pages.  

The tools to achieve reading success!

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