Q: Can you give me a description of the Right Track Reading Lessons and the Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons Programs? I need a better idea of program content and what will my child should be able to read upon completing the program?

A: Both programs are highly effective, easy-to-use, direct systematic phonics programs designed for one-on-one instruction by a parent, teacher or other caring adult.

These programs give you the tools to help your child or student learn to read proficiently.  The programs include complete instructions and are organized into step-by-step reading lessons that directly teach necessary skills and advance in a systematic manner.  

To find details on these programs click on the following pages:

A Closer Look at Right Track Reading Lessons

A Closer Look at Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons

These detailed preview pages contain content specific overviews of the programs including:

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This question was answered by Miscese Gagen a mother with a passion for teaching children to read proficiently by using effective methods. She is also a successful reading tutor and author of the reading instructional programs Right Track Reading Lessons and Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons. The purpose of this article is to empower parents and teachers with information on teaching children how to read. We CAN improve reading proficiency, one student at a time!  More information is located at www.righttrackreading.com ~  Copyright 2004-2013 Miscese R. Gagen