Q: Why should parents and teachers use direct systematic phonics to teach their children and students to read? What methods of reading instruction are effective? What are the facts that support the use of direct systematic phonics in reading instruction? Why do direct systematic phonics programs work in helping children learn to read? Why is it more effective for parents and teachers to focus on direct systematic phonics instead of utilizing multiple approaches when teaching children to read?

A: Detailed explanation of why parents and teachers should use direct systematic phonics is found in the article

Additional information is also located in the articles

Q: I keep hearing effective reading programs need to be direct or explicit systematic phonics.  There are so many ‘phonics’ programs out there. How do I know Right Track Reading programs actually meet the requirements for an effective program?

A: Both the Right Track Reading Lessons and Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons programs were reviewed and approved as recommended phonics product resources by the National Right to Read Foundation. To meet the NRRF strict criteria a phonics program must contain 1. Explicit and systematic instruction in reading the 44 sounds in the English language, 2. Explicit and systematic instruction in the 70+ most common ways to spell those sounds  3. Explicit and systematic instruction in left-to-right blending.  4. Decodable text that can be read by a student based on previously taught material. 5. A format that is well-organized and easy to use.  Both Right Track Reading programs met these NRRF criteria and are listed by NRRF as recommended phonics programs for both home and school use.  

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