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Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions (FAQ) are organized into three sections:

Section I: Questions about the Right Track Reading Lessons or Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons programs: Most of these are questions specific to the content of the Right Track Reading Programs.

Section II: General questions about teaching children to read, helping students develop necessary skills to become skilled readers and effective reading instruction. These questions are related to reading issues and skills. Many address specific reading issues that students face. Answers and information are informational in nature and often link you to resources so you can help your student achieve reading success.

Section III: Other Questions related to website and other issues.

SECTION I : Questions about Right Track Reading Lessons or Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons programs

SECTION II: General Questions About Teaching Children to Read, Helping Students Develop Necessary Skills to Become Skilled Readers and Effective Reading Instruction. These FAQ’s include questions related to specific reading problems students may face.

Section III: Other Questions ~ This covers any other questions and issues.  

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