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Sound Pronunciation for Right Track Reading Lessons

Correct pronunciation is important in learning to read. It is important for the parent or teacher to demonstrate proper pronunciation so the child learns correctly. In reading instruction, the child needs to accurately and automatically convert print to sound. Therefore they need to learn the sound the letter or phonogram represents in our language (sound not letter name). See the article the Phonemic Code Explained for additional information.

These files are provided as a tool to help the parent or teacher hear the correct pronunciation of the sounds for reading instruction. Although the Right Track Reading Lessons and Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons contain complete sound pronunciation charts, sometimes it is helpful to hear the sounds. These sound files are available as a free resource for parents and teachers.

To use with Right Track Reading Lessons effective direct systematic phonics reading instruction program.

Please select and click on the letter /phonogram set you wish to hear to access the sound file. These sounds are organized according to the systematic presentation of the phonemic code in Right Track Reading Lessons.  

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