Questions on learning the phonemic code, sounds of the letters, or phonics instruction.

Q: How should I teach my child her sounds? How can I help my son learn the sounds for the letters? What is the most effective way to teach the phonemic code? What is the complete phonemic code? Why is it important for students to learn phonics?

A: Students need to learn the phonemic code (the letter = sound or printed symbol = sound relationship) because this phonemic code is the basis for written English and the foundation for proficient reading. Information explaining the importance of the phonemic code and how to effectively help your child learn the phonemic code is located in the articles:

Q: What is a effective order or sequence for teaching letters and sounds to children? What order of presentation or sequence should I use in teaching the letters and sounds of the phonemic code to my child or students? What order do you introduce and teach the letters and sounds in the Right Track Reading Program

A:  To learn what order or sequence you should use in teaching letters and sounds of the phonemic code please see the article Teaching and Learning the Phonemic Code: Order of Presentation or Sequence for Introducing and Teaching Letters & Sounds

To find the specific order used in Right Track Reading see the order the letters and sounds are introduced and taught in Right Track Reading Lessons.

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