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‘Sound Writing’ Practice Pages

pre-printed tracer letter worksheet pages

These ‘sound writing’ practice pages can be used as worksheets to provide practice for the sounds/phonemic code taught in Right Track Reading Lessons direct systematic phonics reading program. The child says the correct sound as he writes the letter. Complete directions for conducting the ‘sound writing’ activity are found in the reading program. This multisensory ‘sound writing’ activity is one of the most effective techniques for the child to directly practice and learn the accurate phonemic code.

‘Sound Writing’ Practice Pages

pre-printed tracer letter pages

Lesson 1: m, t, a

Lesson 2: s, d

Lesson 3: i, f  

Lesson 4: Review

Lesson 5: r, th

Lesson 6: Review

Lesson 7: l, o, n

Lesson 8: p, e

Lesson 9: Review

Lesson 10: h, v

Lesson 11: sh, u, b  

Lesson 12: Review

Lesson 13: ck, k

Lesson 14: Review

Lesson 15: c, g  

Lesson 16: j, w

Lesson 17: Review

Lesson 18: ch, tch

Lesson 19: qu, x, z

Lesson 20: Review

Lesson 21: wh

Lesson 33: y

Lesson 40: ee

Lesson 42 :ai,ay

Lesson 54: oi,oy

Lesson 59: Review (ee,oa,ai,ay,oi,oy,ea,ow,ou)

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