Questions directional tracking or processing letters in order from left to right when reading

Q: What is directional tracking in reading?  Why is it important to read from left to right? Why is tracking important to reading success? Why do you need to teach a child to read from left to right?

A: Left to right horizontal arrangement of print is an essential characteristic of the written English language. Proper directional tracking of processing all the letters in order from left to right is essential for reading success. Knowing individual sounds is not sufficient. To read accurately, the sounds must be processed in order from left to right. Correct straight line left-to-right processing is essential to accurate phonologic processing of printed words.     

It is important to directly teach a child to read from left to right. Correct tracking is one of the essential sub-skills for proficient reading. Many young children do not understand this important characteristic of print (notice how many young children write letters all over a page) Many struggling readers to not track or process print properly in order left to right and instead hop around. To read proficiently, the student must process print left to right. Direct instruction in tracking insures the child or student acquires this vital skill.

For more information including information on how to help your child develop correct directional tracking see the article Directional Tracking Explained: Why Directional Tracking is Important to Reading Development .  

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