Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons is a highly effective reading remediation program specifically designed to help older students or adults who struggle with reading acquire skills and advance their reading skills. This easy to use direct systematic phonics program directly develops proficient phonologic processing pathways. It provides you with the tools to help your child or student overcome difficulties achieve reading success.    Preview Table of Contents  


This introduction portion of the book empowers the parent or teacher with the information they need to help their child or student develop proficient reading. It includes complete directions for all activities within the reading lessons.

READING LESSONS: (page 45-253)

The reading program is arranged into carefully designed lessons structured for individual instruction. These reading lessons provide you with the easy-to-use plan of action, you can implement to directly help your child or student develop necessary skills and achieve reading success.  The lessons use a variety of targeted multi-sensory activities to directly teach all skills necessary for proficient reading. The reading lessons are organized into 10 different sections starting with foundational skills and then systematically advancing through higher level skills. These easy-to-use reading lessons give you the tools to teach your student necessary reading skills and directly help them achieve success. A brief description of the various sections follows.

Sections 1 through 5 (Reading Lessons 1-71) directly develop the strong foundation of phonologic processing. These lessons directly teach the complete phonemic code, phonemic awareness, smooth blending, directional tracking and attention to detail. The lessons directly teach the student to integrate and apply these fundamental skills to the process of proficient print-to-sound phonologic processing. A combination of highly effective multisensory activities  intentionally develop the print to sound phonologic processing pathways. These include sound writing, work making activities with the sound tiles, word changing activities with the sound tiles, word writing/spelling activities. The extensive reading of decodable word lists provides the practice that is essential for building and strengthening the phonologic processing pathways.  

The reading lessons begin with the basic sounds and foundational skills and then rapidly advance through vowel combinations, r-controlled vowel combinations and the remainder of the complete phonemic code.  The lessons are cumulative, allowing practice of previous skills and knowledge as well as building new skills and knowledge systematically. Review lessons are scattered throughout the program to insure sufficient practice and reinforcement of necessary skills.

Section 6: Reading Multisyllable Words (Multisyllable Lessons 1-10) These lessons directly teach the student how to master the more complex skill of handling multisyllable words. Lessons include direct guided instruction on strategies for effectively handling multi-syllable words including instruction on breaking words into appropriate syllables, paying attention to detail, picking  up all sounds, smoothly blending syllables together and determining pronunciation. Lessons also include practice of the most common prefixes and suffixes. To preview multisyllable lessons see sample from Multisyllable Words Lessons 4 and 5 With Common Prefixes & Suffixes and Multisyllable Words Practice  Lesson 10     

Section 7: Instructions for Guided Reading: Guided reading has significant beneficial impact on reading skills and is especially important in remediation. Daily guided reading is an important part of this reading program. This section explains guided reading and gives you specific instructions of how to conduct guided oral reading with your student.

Section 8: Building Fluency: This section explains what fluent reading is, how individuals develop fluency and provides information so you can help your student develop fluency.

Section 9: Developing Reading Comprehension Skills: This section provides an overview of reading comprehension and lists specific actions you can use to help students acquire reading comprehension skills and strategies. Directions and examples of techniques and activities you can use to advance comprehension are provided.

Section 10: Expanding Vocabulary Knowledge: This final section of the reading program overview vocabulary development and provides specific actions you can use to help your child or student expand their vocabulary knowledge. This section also includes a list of common Greek and Latin root words.

SPELLING LESSONS: (page 254-271)  This portion of the book provides a general overview of spelling and gives tips on how to teach your child to spell. Upon completing the reading program your child should spell phonetically. This spelling section goes beyond the phonetic understanding of our language to specific spelling information.  Helpful spelling guidelines and patterns are listed. These are not ‘rules’ to be memorized but rather guidelines and explanations that make spelling much easier. This is not memorizing rules or word lists but rather learning about spelling. The spelling instruction is organized into 31 specific lessons. preview of spelling lessons.

APPENDICES: (page 272-304)

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