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Right Track Reading Tutoring Services and Fees

Evaluations: Individual evaluation of reading skills. This requires approximately an 1 hour meeting with parent and student. Depending on the age of the student, Miscese will evaluate phonemic awareness, knowledge of the complete code, reading ability and comprehension. The parent is provided with a summary of this evaluation and a recommended program of action to help the student develop necessary skills.  Evaluations are necessary to determine the appropriate individual plan of action for the student. There is NO obligation for this FREE evaluation.

Individual Tutoring:  Tutoring programs are individually arranged for the student based on evaluation results, the student’s unique situation and the family’s needs.

Tutoring programs include:

Schedule: Tutoring schedules are individually arranged to meet the needs of the student and the parents and to fit scheduling constraints. Tutoring sessions are typically 30-60 minutes depending on the age of the student.  The total time requirement for an effective tutoring program will vary greatly depending on the individual’s situation. Total tutoring time to acquire skills is affected by the student’s age, current skills, the skills that need to be developed, the student’s level of effort, supplemental work at home and other factors. Although it varies, effective reading skills development or reading remediation tutoring programs typically require 20 to 40 hours of total tutoring time. This is best accomplished in 3 to 4 sessions/week for 6 to 12 weeks). Tutoring schedules are set by individual needs and the student’s progress toward specific skill acquisition. If your child progesses faster, fewer tutoring sessions will be needed.

Tutoring opportunities are limited! Please e-mail or call Miscese to arrange tutoring. In general, Miscese has more openings in the summer than during the school year.

Individual Tutoring Rates: Tutoring rates are $20/hour. ($10 for ½ hour session; $20 for 1 hour session)

Guarantee: Miscese Gagen completely stands behind the effectiveness of her individual tutoring. If your child does not develop reading skills and advance in their reading proficiency the tutoring fees will be refunded. Individual tutoring is GUARANTEED EFFECTIVE.

**Special***  Parent Training Session/Empowering Parents to Teach Their Child: In addition to the free student evaluation, Miscese will meet with local parents and provide an 1 hour FREE parent training session on the use of the Right Track Reading programs for any parents who purchase either Right Track Reading Lessons or Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons.  Right Track Reading empowers you with the information and resources to teach your child to read. This free session will give you a jump start on teaching your child to read!

The tools to achieve reading success!

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Miscese Gagen offers individual tutoring to students in Livingston, Montana.  This page provides general information on the Right Track Reading Tutoring Services. Please contact Miscese Gagen to arrange individual tutoring or if you would like further information.

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