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Right Track Reading empowers parents & teachers with effective tools and valuable resources and information to help children & students achieve reading success.  Right Track Reading can help you succeed by offering ...

Learn & Discover children learn to read.

...why reading is difficult for many students. science provides the map to proficient reading.

...the skills necessary for proficient reading. you can help your child build necessary skills.

...specific actions and activities to build essential skills.

Key Features of Right Track Reading’s Highly Effective

Direct Systematic Phonics Programs

A variety of highly effective targeted multisensory activities directly develop essential reading skills to establish correct phonologic processing. Carefully targeted activities integrate visual, kinetic, oral and auditory processes to help the child or student master proficient reading. The ‘sound tile’ activities are particularly effective in helping develop correct phonologic processing.  

Develops proficient phonologic processing by directly and systematically building necessary skills:

Extends beyond basic phonologic decoding, providing tools to help students develop higher level skills:

BONUS! Includes a complete SPELLING Section

Both programs are easy-to-use for parents who are teaching reading for the first time. The user friendly design presents lessons and activities in a step-by-step format. The program is ideal for parents teaching their own child to read at home and for individual one-on-one pullout tutoring situations in a school setting.

Affordable!  Right Track Reading Lessons or Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons only cost $30. The program requires the book and common inexpensive materials including paper, pencil, index cards and homemade ‘sound tiles’.

Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons includes evaluation tools to help you identify specific skills your student may need to develop and instructions to adapt the program to meet the student’s individual needs.

Guaranteed! The author personally stands by the effectiveness of the Right Track Reading programs with a money back guarantee.

Learn how Right Track Reading Lessons  or Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons can help your child or student achieve reading success. Begin your rewarding experience of successfully teaching your child or student to read.

Right Track Reading Lessons:  A Highly Effective Step-by-Step

Direct Systematic Phonics Program 2nd Edition

Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons:  An Effective Step-by-Step Reading Remediation Program for Older Students & Adults 2nd Edition

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The Tools to Achieve Reading Success

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FREE Reading Information and Resources

Effective Direct Systematic Phonics Reading Programs

Both programs have been reviewed and approved as recommended phonics product by the National Right to Read Foundation These mom-designed and student-tested phonics programs are based on validated research and the science of proficient reading and are guaranteed effective.

The tools to achieve reading success, one student at a time!

With Right Track Reading YOU can ...             

teaching child to read with effective Right Track Reading Lessons

Right Track Reading programs can help your child or student develop the skills needed for proficient reading and achieve reading success.  Learn more about these effective, easy-to-use programs.

proficient reader the result of effective direct systematic phonics

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